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The Botanical Elixir Energy Boost is a completely natural botanical blend, bursting with specially selected antioxidants that are carefully crafted to revive and refresh. Helping you regain your energy and focus so you can power through your day.




Everything we create at Inner Beauty Health is crafted from the finest ingredients, selected by hand and carefully formulated to boost energy, revive flagging spirits and bring out the real woman within. And there’s not an artificial colour, flavour or filler in sight.

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Plant-based nutrition is a key to good health, and so that’s why The Botanical Elixir Energy Boost is packed with botanicals that will help to rejuvenate and replenish. The mix of plant-based antioxidants will boost your energy, revitalise your skin and bring out your Inner Beauty Health glow.



With our modern diets and hectic lifestyles, it’s easy for toxins to build up in the body. The Botanical Elixir Energy Boost will help you to shine again from the inside out, with toxin-fighting antioxidants and multi-strain probiotics and fibre to get your digestion back on track.



Packed with antioxidants and nutrients, our plant based formula will re-energise the body and restore your focus naturally, with no caffeine required! You’ll start to feel like the real you once more, and get so much more from your day.


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I was given the Botanical Energy Boost Elixir to try. At first i was sceptical about using it as i don't normally take supplements but was feeling pretty lethargic and tired and thought why not give this a try! Well, after two weeks of using it, i was convinced that this was working for me. I felt healthier, i had no bloating after meals and i got back to my evening walks! I've even ordered one for my mum now i was that pleased.

Nara Mataffa Mother of two full time. Child Care SA

It was a pleasure to try out Inner Beauty Health Elixir! I absolutely love this! The taste was good and not sweet at all. I think it is great and I can consume it anytime. It also boost up my energy throughout the day! 
Thank you for sharing with us! 

Zoe Tay 26 Sales Manager Adelaide

HI my name is Halinda Lim. I was introduced to this product because i felt sluggish and tired in the morning. After regularly taking this product daily for 10 days, i felt healthier and on waking up in the morning i felt ready to start my day! Hadn't felt like this for a long time . I've got no indigestion after eating my meals  and have more energy for work and exercise .
Thank you Inner Beauty Health, your product has changed my outlook on what i can achieve  in a day i'm even back to my evening walks!

Halinda Lim 59 Restaurateur SA

I’m in my late forties and already felt like an old woman. My attitude was lousy, I’ve been grumpy and easy to anger. My friend saw me struggling and gave me the rest of her jar of Botanical Elixir Energy Boost to try. I drank 200ml in the morning for just a few days and my constipation disappeared along with my usual after-dinner bloating. If that’s all this stuff did I’d be happy! But I also felt recharged, ready to face work in the morning, and I stopped snacking during the day too. And I really like the taste.

Anne Chieng Research Scientist Adelaide

I found IBH Energy Boost online. I decided to try it and see what would happen .Being a plant based supplement was important to me ! One week later I noticed I was feeling fuller after my meals and I had so much more energy throughout the day! My skin after two weeks was clearer and brighter! Thank you IBH for making me feel good about myself again and helping me stick to my new diet and exercise regime! Luana Tuigimala 39 Financial Officer . 

Luana Tuigimala 38 Admin Officer NSW

I gave Inner Health Beauty a go, because I was looking for a product that would give me energy in the morning & stop me reaching for that sugary snack. Helping me get through to lunchtime snack free.

Inner Health Beauty definitely delivered, giving me the energy boost that I needed to get through the morning snack free. Helping me stick to my nutrition plan. I would most definitely recommend this product for those that are looking to curb their cravings and boost their energy levels.   

Amber W. 30s Admin Officer SA

Love this product!!! So easy and delicious to drink and I seriously started feeling my energy come back within the first week, it's also brilliant as I drink it in the morning and again at 4pm to help keep me full without the bloat of similar products that I've tried before. The added marine collagen for my skin was a bonus!! Love this product, thank you Inner Beauty Health!

Nia Cirocco 40s Business Owner Adelaide

Omg 5 days into my taking IBH my skin seems to have glow in it. My hunger has subsided which feels amazing. No more overeating for me. Your product is truly amazing can't wait to see what happens in the next few weeks. Wanted to share this with you because I'm just amazed at how a powder can change your look in 5 days xx

Moana Toe 26 Full Time Mummy

Absolutely love IBH!! I was skeptical at first to try, as I suffer from allergies & severe bloating if a product isn't right for me. IBH however contains the perfect ingredients!! I've noticed I have more energy, reduced my bloating and I've lost weight!!! Love, love, love IBH

Tonia K, mother of two


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