My Journey


I have been a long distance runner for the best part of 12 years now, inspired by my dad who was a marathon runner and regularly participated in competitions in Australia and overseas. It was his commitment and tenacity that inspired me to take up the sport.

I have now completed 16 full marathons and many half marathons. It is a hard and lonely road, requiring discipline and focus, but despite all of its challenges I still retain my passion for this most demanding of endurance  sports. I am also a keen gym enthusiast, spending at least 8 hours in the gym every week.

I have always supported my training with health supplements, which I felt were necessary because of the demands that long distance running places on the body. The heavy training schedule often left me feeling exhausted and fatigued, yet I still had to cope with the responsibilities of being a wife and mother, while at the same time managing my own business.

I tried sports supplements, but they can only do so much and are, at best, temporary and provide only short-term solutions. Most of these supplements were lab based creations they were far from natural, as well as being high in sugar and additives. As a consequence, I began to research my own combinations of herbs, berries and vegetable-based powders to find a supplement that would deliver the results I was seeking.

This was 7 years ago. Within 18 months, I had created a wonderful mix of botanicals, enriched with fibre and tea extracts, that ultimately became our Botanical Elixir Energy Boost. It quickly became my go-to heath supplement to support my fitness orientated lifestyle.  

Given the positive benefits I derived from the Elixir, I saw that there was a gap in the market for a  wellness supplement that was packed with botanical ingredients and provided women with a range of health benefits. I was convinced that there were thousands of active women in Australia and overseas crying out for a completely natural product that nourished the body from within while providing all the energy required to sustain a busy lifestyle. This is what lies behind the creation of all of our health supplements — a desire to meet the needs of busy, modern women who want a genuinely natural product that will boost energy and maintain wellbeing.

My family and friends all use my Elixir regularly and have enjoyed multiple benefits to their various lifestyles. It gives them energy, vitality and confidence and, like them, I too continue to reap the benefits of the seventeen active ingredients that go into the Elixir. I’m still running long distances and keeping up with my family and friends whilst still managing a successful business full time. I feel energetic, vibrant and i have an enthusiastic attitude to life.

Many of my friends ask me what my secret is. Now I can reveal it — girls, my Botanical Elixir has arrived!