Our Elixir



Believe in Nature for a Healthier, More Beautiful You

At Inner Beauty Health, we are dedicated to women's health and well being, and our mission is for every woman to be her most vibrant, happy and active self.

Our Botanical Elixir Energy Boost is specially crafted for women from the finest natural ingredients, and is designed to nourish your body from within. It conspires with both your mind and body to create the energy and focus you need to feel healthy, happy and confident about life.

The carefully selected ingredients come together to create a potent mix of purity, integrity and good health. The end product is a supplement made from premium raw botanical ingredients that is both safe and nutritionally sound.

Our Botanical Elixir Energy Boost is bursting with antioxidants, garnered from acai berries and pomegranates. The marine collagen will bring out the natural beauty in your skin, hair and nails, and the green tea extract, mixed with lemon peel and ginger, boosts vitality and helps you manage your weight. Thanks to the chia seed powder and extra fibre, you can be sure of staying regular, while the multi-strain probiotics will take care of your gut health. And all of this is topped off by the all-round health giving properties of prized Manuka honey.

Everything that we put into our Botanical Elixir Energy Boost is hand-selected and guaranteed to be of the highest quality. We don’t use any artificial flavours, colours and fillers, and our ingredients are dairy free, nut free and gluten free.

As a 100% Australian owned company, we are proud to say that our range of Botanical Elixirs are designed and formulated right here in Australia, which means everytime you give yourself the gift of IBH, you are supporting our Australian industry.