Lentil & Sweet Potato with Watercress Soup

Lentil & Sweet Potato with Watercress Soup




2 medium onions (red or brown)

2 gloves of garlic 

25-50 grams of ginger 


1 lemon (optional) 

3 or 4 tomatoes 

1 large sweet potatoes


Soak Lentils in water for 5 mins


Cut red or brown onions in small pieces 

Cut ginger and garlic in small pieces 

Slice a bit of lemon skin & cut them small 

Cut 1 or 2 whole chilli’s

Slice 3 or 4 tomatoes 

Cut sweet potatoes into small cubes


Place cut ginger, garlic, chilli & sliced lemon skin into a Mortar or blender and mix them together

Heat wok or pan with oil 

Once wok or pan is hot add all the onions into in until onions are soft or caramelised

Add mixed ginger, chilli, garlic into the wok or pan and stir- leave for 2-3 mins 

Add sliced tomatoes into wok or pan & cook slowly for 5 mins 

*note please make sure to stir every 2 mins

Add cut up sweet potatoes into wok or pan 

At the same time add in your lentils (don’t forget to drain all the water first) 

Add 1 and half cup of water, stir and cover

Let it cook slowly for 5mins 

*note make sure to check every few minutes to make sure there is enough water, if not add small amounts of water- don’t let it dry out. 

Add salt and pepper and stir 

Add watercress and reduce heat- simmer for 1 minute 




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