From Our Founder

From Our Founder
Hello everyone! How fast has 2020 been tracking for you? I literally cannot believe we have said goodbye to Summer, i'm still recovering from all the excitement of 2019! woosh! I was fortunate enough to take a well deserved break from all things related to work and refocus and devote my time to enjoying quality time with family and friends. What did you guys and gurls get up too this summer break? What are the things you do when u feel the need to unwind chill out and relax? I would love to know? haha.... 😊..If your anything like me and you love your large family gatherings then you will definitely agree Xmas Day, New Years and even birthdays are a great excuse to catch up and have a great time in the company of all those you love and cherish. In our house we love doing this on a regular basis hehe!! Food drinks and music! And of course lots of entertainment and drama. The big personalities in our "fam clan" always makes for interesting times! 

Well its all work work work at IBH HQ! We are in the midst of designing our new packaging for the Elixir Energy Boost and of course releasing our brand new product line, Radiance Pure Marine Collagen infused with real fruit botanicals and probiotics. Sounds fantastic right? Wait till you try the amazing flavours and see what this product can do for your skin. I'm sooo excited to be launching this Superfood -Marine Collagen Elixir!

- High in antioxidants
-97%protein based
-Easily absorbed by the body
-High grade French Marine Collagen
-Promotes glowing skin
-Strong hair and nails
-Boosts immunity

Whats not to love about it? Stay tuned for launch day where we will be offering free giveaways and other great promotions all this coming soon!

I would just like to finish of by saying thank you so much for your amazing support in 2019! We are a proud Australian company with a strong focus on Women's Health! To become involved with the Price Line Sister Hood foundation was a dream come true for me. As my initial goal when starting IBH Aust was that the company would give back to the community that drives our purpose which is and always will be Woman's Health and
Welfare .

Lets do Life together

With Love


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Thank you so much for your support!

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A Shout out to my team!

A Shout out to my team!

Welcome back and hello to 2021!

Welcome back and hello to 2021!


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Rosa August 17 2020

Wow that’s beautifully said. When family and friends get together for gatherings it’s the most amazing feeling to share laughter, drinks and food amongst each other. It’s a blessing experience we all have in this world 😍

Isaiah August 17 2020

Mum what’s for dinner?