Acai Bowl Recipe

Before the rise of acai bowls🍇🍓🍒getting your anti-oxidant hit was waaaay less sexy (sorry, smoothies! Unless you’re of the unicorn variety, you’re just not as eye-catching)🦄A breakfast of deep purple cream topped with coconut flakes🥥a layer of almond butter🥜and the occasional crop of decorative flowers🌸🌺🌼what could be more Instagrammable?⁠

Apart from the refreshing flavor and its gorgeous bluish-purple hue though👅💦this super berry has a whole slew of nutritional benefits to brag about (which is why it's our HERO INGREDIENT in our Botanical Elixir Energy Boost!)🌱🏆Though the antioxidants in acai are, without a doubt, the superfood’s greatest claim to nutritional fame, it also contains scores of trace minerals, which can help both your metabolic and brain function work properly (especially during the wintertime)⚡️

For starters, the berries contain healthy fats like omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9, which help power your brain, stabilize your blood sugar levels, and keep you fuller, longer🙋🏼‍♀️And the nutrients just keep coming: This buzzed-over berry also contains fiber (which is essential for your digestive system), along with B vitamins and electrolytes like calcium, iron, copper, and zinc

In short, acai packs a lot of nutritional support into each bite-size berry🍇🍒🍓So, next time you’re scouring the menu (or the internet) looking for good-for-you option for breakfast or an afternoon snack🤔 check out our #IBHbeauty Acai Bowl recipe!💚💛💖There's juicy goodness in every delicious bite! ⁠

4 tablespoons of acai powder⁠
1 tablespoon of @innerbeautyhealthaustralia Botanical Elixir Energy Boost⁠
1-2 frozen bananas (depending on the size)⁠
1 cup frozen berries⁠
1 tablespoon of hemp seeds⁠
1 cup of liquid (we love coconut water or coconut milk)⁠

Blitz all ingredients in your blender or @nutribullet and guzzle immediately (will keep for 24 hours)⁠

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